Christmas Special Offers!

Activity period: 12.25 - 1.1

Item links will be visible on our web stie on 12.25

1. Colourful Fairy Tale JSK/OP + Random Coffin/Heart Bag +Matching Hair Band = $89.99
2.Wishing Stars JSK + Ice Prism Trumpet Sleeve Blouse + Matching KC = $95.99
3.Spectre Prelude JSK + Random Blouse + Hair Clip = $57.99
4.Spectre Concerto JSK + Christine Tight Trumpet Sleeve Blouse + Hair Clip =$91.99

These are not spot goods, they will be produced in accordance with usual process timescale.


Looking for collaborating agents

We are looking for long term collaborating partners who are interested in carrying our brand. If you are interested in selling our products, please email us at, thank you.